Wobble of Self Worth

I’m having a wobble of Self worth again… Having been fighting a bug all week, hang on, actually only since Wednesday, though it feels so much longer.

Getting ill on top of my M.E. always sends me into a spiral of self doubt, and leaves me fed up not only about being unwell but about all the other things I wish I could do but cannot.

When emptying the dishwasher leaves me having to go and sit and rest for 20mins. When I find myself getting grumpy at the kids just for being kids stuck inside on a rainy weekend. When I see that nice mountain bike for sale on marketplace and can see myself whizzing through the woods on it but can equally see the reality of it sitting in the garage gathering dust for ever more, being a glaring physical reminder that I’m just not well enough.

Ugh. Enough of the moaning, even I’m bored of it now. I only seem to come here to write blog posts when I’ve been ill and want to moan! I must try harder to write happier more useful posts.

3 thoughts on “Wobble of Self Worth

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  1. You know. A lot of go getters or whatever you call them say that moaning is useless etc but I strongly disagree. We all need to do it. We all need for someone or at least ourselves to feel sorry for ourselves at least once in a while. We all need to get a bit grumpy the get back on the horse with a stronger and more motivated attitude and you know what. That wouldn’t be possible if we wouldn’t let ourselves to pity us for only a bit at least when we have gotten some kind of nasty bug that is interrupting our daily life and strength and health in general

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