Clip ‘n’ Climb!

Yesterday I finally managed to cross another item off of that bucket list!

You may remember back in 2017 I wrote a bucket list, because I decided that if I wrote down all of the random things “I would like to do one day” then I might actually get out there and do some of them!

The first activity was kayaking, then there was segway, starting my big scoot along the south coast and now rock climbing!

I realise clip ‘n’ Climb isn’t everyone’s idea of rock climbing, but what I wanted was somewhere I could climb without the fear of falling down when my muscles gave in because let’s face it I’m not very fit, my arm muscles in particular don’t get a lot of use beyond chopping up vegetables for dinner! So clip ‘n’ Climb seemed to be the best option.

And it was absolutely AWESOME!

I did feel a little nervous in the briefing room being strapped into my harness and shown how the system worked. But that didn’t last long!

First off we tried a traditional climbing wall, trouble was when I got to the top I was a little scared to follow the instructions and “fall” down, so I climbed down!

Next I tried a particularly tricky wall and actually fell off, which at least gave me confidence in the system! After that I was off.

Once the adrenaline kicked in I felt like I was a teenager again, zooming up and down wall after wall after wall. Having the occasional race against the kids (which I did win some of, yay!). I must have climbed over 20 walls, obstacles, poles, you name it!

The system they have in place there works really well, I never felt like there was nothing to go on, or that I had to que. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to give climbing a go. Be warned though I fear it could be addictive. Probably a good thing it is an hours drive away or that could get expensive!

Today my forearms are very sore and the top of my back aches, but all in all I’ve fared far better than I expected, so far and can’t wait to go again one day!

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