Microwave Hot Cross Mug Bread

One of the biggest things I miss about going gluten free is the hot x buns. I used to eat them all year round. Toasted with butter. As a sandwich with cheese in. Warmed in the microwave and dipped in baileys, mmmmmmm. Yes you can buy gf hot cross buns, but they are no where... Continue Reading →


I am currently living on flapjacks. There is so much I cannot eat and I have trouble keeping my blood sugar level stable, so I snack on these often! 350g Gluten free oats 200g sunflower/pumpkin seeds 150g dates (I use organic dates) 150g Coconut Oil 150g Molasses syrup Use a food processor to blitz the... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Men

I found a recipe for gingerbread men a few months ago, many batches later with lots of experimenting this is what I was left with. Gluten free, dairy free gingerbread men!   Ingredients 70g Dairy free spread (Pure, Vitalite, etc) 70g coconut oil (I use Biona cuisine which is has had the coconut flavour removed)... Continue Reading →

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