Living With Less

I've been feeling overwhelmed by clutter since moving to this house 6 years ago. (Here's some links to other posts I've written on the subject¬†¬†Minimalism and me, minimalism with children) Over the last few years when energy has allowed I have been working through the process of de-cluttering. Sometimes breaking it down to certain areas... Continue Reading →


We went off on our first family holiday abroad last week. We went to the Netherlands (or never never land as my kids christened it!) It was so nice to get away and have some proper family time without DIY or lawns to mow, laundry to do. From an ME perspective I did far too... Continue Reading →

Minimalism with Children

I really appreciate the idea of minimalism. Less stuff to organise, clean, tidy, look after. I have spent the last few years trying to de clutter as best I can with minimal energy and a young family under foot. And I have found that the freer from stuff I have become the more relaxed and... Continue Reading →

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