Clip ‘n’ Climb!

Yesterday I finally managed to cross another item off of that bucket list! You may remember back in 2017 I wrote a bucket list, because I decided that if I wrote down all of the random things "I would like to do one day" then I might actually get out there and do some of... Continue Reading →


Wobble of Self Worth

I'm having a wobble of Self worth again... Having been fighting a bug all week, hang on, actually only since Wednesday, though it feels so much longer. Getting ill on top of my M.E. always sends me into a spiral of self doubt, and leaves me fed up not only about being unwell but about... Continue Reading →

Advent – Self Care For Kids

You've heard of putting little notes in your kids advent calendar with random acts of kindness? Well I am doing that this year, as I think it is important to teach kindness in children and what better time of year to encourage it? Find my random Acts of kindness printable HERE. But I have also... Continue Reading →

Microwave Hot Cross Mug Bread

One of the biggest things I miss about going gluten free is the hot x buns. I used to eat them all year round. Toasted with butter. As a sandwich with cheese in. Warmed in the microwave and dipped in baileys, mmmmmmm. Yes you can buy gf hot cross buns, but they are no where... Continue Reading →

Pivotal Point

This time last year I found myself trying to do everything I wanted to do rather than pacing and taking care of myself. I ignored red flag* warning signs, pushed on and ended up crashing and burning for the first half of this year. Now it is November and again I find myself doing what... Continue Reading →

Sport Relief

Today is sport relief day which means my kids had to choose a sporting hero to go to school as. Now being 6 & 8 and not having an overly sport loving family means they don't know any sports people never mind sports hero's. Both girls have opted to go to school today as me.... Continue Reading →


I appear to be having what I am going to call an ME flare. Which I would say is worse than a crash but not as bad as a relapse. I did far too much through December. I ignored the odd symptom that reared it's head and I pushed through. I did this because I... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You?

Tis the season for re-evaluating life, figuring out what is important and if/how things need to change. I have just had possibly the busiest December since I stopped working pantomimes. Looking back it is mostly a blur and I now feel worse than I have in months. To the extent that during December many old... Continue Reading →

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