Living With Less

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by clutter since moving to this house 6 years ago. (Here’s some links to other posts I’ve written on the subject  Minimalism and me, minimalism with children)

Over the last few years when energy has allowed I have been working through the process of de-cluttering. Sometimes breaking it down to certain areas like a cupboard, or a shelf, other times attacking massive areas like the loft!

It has been a long tedious process but each glimpse of how it could be has made it all worthwhile.

I came home from holiday recently with a whole new perspective on life – see my post Dreaming – and it has given me new motivation on the de-cluttering. Going around the house with the new mental note,

“Would I pack this for a new life on the road or would I pay to store it?”

If the answer is no to both then it goes, simple!

It has been invigorating going through everything with this new mindset! I only wish all the things I have chosen not to keep could leave the house straight away so I can enjoy the new level of unclutteredness .

Even the kids got in on the act!
I have spent years trying to encourage my kids to sort through their things and get rid of what they don’t use anymore but they have never been keen to part with anything… Until last weekend! All of a sudden their rooms were inside out and piles and piles of toys were being thrown out!

Yes there were one or two things they chose to throw out that made me feel a little sad, but at the end of the day it is their stuff, their choice.

So off to the boot fair we go this weekend!


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