We went off on our first family holiday abroad last week. We went to the Netherlands (or never never land as my kids christened it!)
It was so nice to get away and have some proper family time without DIY or lawns to mow, laundry to do.

From an ME perspective I did far too much, the caravan park we were on was enormous so even though I had factored in a rest day on site my fit bit tells me I still walked 5.5 miles… The night time storms made for rather restless sleep (though they were spectacular). My knee joints started to give in half way through the week, I have pretty much spent the week since we got back feeling like a zombie, I think it will be a while yet before I am fully recovered.

My husband and I have both come back with a massive desire to shake things up and travel more.

I realise the desire to travel is the direct result of having been away, but coming back to reality has really highlighted how the way we are living is not working for us.

Ben is out of the house 12-13 hours a day doing a job he hates with an awful commute. Neither of the girls are really thriving in the school environment. And I’m stuck having to save all my energy to get the kids to and from school and make sure they eat, deal with the school issues and sleep.

Monday – Friday sucks.

Saturday and Sunday aren’t always much better as we all need to unwind from the week, want to do something worthwhile and have to run all the errands there wasn’t time for.

I have spent this week reading articles about other families who have packed everything in and gone travelling in caravans, campervans, air bnbs, all sorts. Home schooling along the way.

I also did some reading up about homeschooling, and it doesn’t sound quite as scary as I first thought.

But how can we make it work?

A lot of these families fund their travels by selling their houses, working remotely for jobs they already have or setting up business that can be run from the road.

Due to my ME and a well established desire to be secure at the end of all this we do not want to sell the house, we don’t have the savings to just up and go and Ben doesn’t have the type of job he can do remotely. So at the moment it is purely dreams that can never happen.

But that’s not good enough for me.
I am a firm believer that however crap life is you aren’t stuck with it. You can always change things.

But how do we do it? How can we fund such extravagance?

Reasons why I think it’s a good idea :
More family time.
Teaching the kids that there is more to life than shopping and mobile phones.
Showing them (and us) the world!
Taking them out of the education system in a productive and manageable way.

I’ve spent years trying to create a more minimal life, trying to de clutter our house, live with less and set a good example, but this would be the ultimate in minimal living.

I’ve also spent years feeling like the kids have missed out on adventure, missed out on doing so much because of my ME, having to cut days out short, or not having the funds for extended family holidays, exploring places.

Living that life everyday would mean that there would never be any rush. If we wanted to stay on in a location we could, it wouldn’t be like oh that’s the end of our holiday and there is still so much we didn’t see…

I know I am only seeing the positives and there are a whole host of bad points, like having little space inside so when the weather is bad you are literally climbing the walls. No proper bathroom/shower everyday, pitch fees, laundry, no escape!

Of course that is the other thing, what if we changed our entire lives to do this and then hated it? There would be no going back to how it is now.

So what is the next step? Where do we go from here? Back to dreaming…

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