Advent – Self Care For Kids

You’ve heard of putting little notes in your kids advent calendar with random acts of kindness? Well I am doing that this year, as I think it is important to teach kindness in children and what better time of year to encourage it? Find my random Acts of kindness printable HERE. But I have also put together Self Care for Advent notes to go in this years calendar.

Now you may be thinking “what kid needs to learn about self care?”. Well, mine does. Specifically my 9 year old girl. She is having a tough time at school this year, she has found out how nasty other girls can be and I have noticed that the daily dose of nasty comments is grinding her down. Her self esteem is in her boots, she is beginning to believe the nasty comments and she is loosing her self belief. Now as a parent of course I am doing all I can at home to encourage her, give her ways to deal with these extreme emotions and stresses, but I need to teach her the tools to deal with this herself.

So I have thrown together 24 ideas of things she can do to take some down time just for her – though a lot of them we can all join in with!

Here is a printable version you can download for free Advent self care

Advent Self Care 2Advent Self Care

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